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Sign guard

In general:

Sign guard can stand for a defensive embankment which one has established against injuries by the environment round himself, - this often points to ostensible indifference or increased aggressiveness against others. Now and again a distrustful basic position stands behind it also to the environment.


With the anachronistic sign guard the unconscious reminds us to go with alert eyes through the life and to let prevail care because many dangers lurk in the ambush.



  • see standing: Care cannot damage to you, - it is everything in order, we must remain only steadfast, - also: you are jealous,
  • stand: boredom will torment you,
  • see removing: your destiny soon changes.

(European ones).:

  • stand: if sleepless nights and worries bring in the house, however, only for a short time,
  • see: promises good times, all obstacles suddenly disappear like fog before the sun, - the mistrust of a certain person is entitled.


  • see: rich marriage,
  • stand: pay attention to the honour of your house.

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