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Association: - Protection, perseverance. Question: - Where in my life I feel sure if I give time to myself?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Sea tortoise, - service, - victim, - ancient, - perseverance, - stability, - mother earth. Description: The tortoise is in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the animal with the element earth linked mother earth. Tortoises belong to the reptiles and often live in the country. They can reach every now and then an unusually high age from up to 150 years and more. The natives of the American continent honoured the tortoise, while they called North America "tortoise's island"., Among the rest, the cause lies for this in several legends, in those it means that the tortoise or sea tortoise has made available her back as a foundation for today's North America and Canada. This had taken place, after the earth had been cleaned by the power of the water. A mind woman, the first woman, came from the skies, found a handful of earth, she distributed on the back of the tortoise and blew in to the earth life, so that the tortoise could return and live with the creatures of her own kind. Of the tortoise and her willingness to make sacrifices honour was proved, while the Indians named North America after her. General meaning: Your deep connection with the earth, - your readiness, you for others add. Association: See sea tortoise. Transcendent meaning: Gift of old wisdom.

In general:

Most people associate tortoises with slowness and comfort. In the dream they also embody the tank which the dreaming or a person has developed in his sphere to be protected against attacks. Tortoise mostly symbolises sensitivity and rich emotional life, - however, these qualities are hidden behind ostensible hardness and indifference because one fears injuries. If the animal slowly moves, admonishes often to patience, perseverance and perseverance, so that one overcomes all obstacles bit by bit.


The tortoise is an animal who withdraws with the slightest danger or even approach into his tank. Therefore, it is in the dream a symbol for the insecurity, restraint, reserve and sentimentalism of the dreaming. However, she also points to his communication problems and reservations. She symbolises the protecting tank which we lay around ours often the treated with hostility I, the stop which we hold in ourselves. As a dream symbol she sends a reminder to the restraint because nothing can happen to us then. Because some people hold tortoises as domestic animals, she can accept in the dream also this meaning. In addition, the tortoise is a symbol for long life.


In the Chinese tradition the tortoise is revered as an embodiment of the wisdom and cleverness. One repeats after her, she carries all life wisdom on her tank. At the spiritual level the tortoise symbolises the creation in the dream. It is a fertility symbol of Aphrodite (Venus) and stands for health, vitality and immortality.



  • see: strange things experience, - certain people in the surroundings need your help, - also: one has quiet friends, however, is on the alert not to be used, - also: you will change your flat,
  • see running up to the sea: one should help a friend from a very much desperate situation in which he himself is helpless.

(European ones).:

  • see: secret joy, - promises a protector or advocate, - long life, health and success, - an unexpected incident improves the professional situation, - one may be glad, - however, warns also about too slow ones react in certain situations,
  • kill: one will forfeit to himself the favour of a protector or advocate,
  • find a dead one: one will lose a protector or advocate by external circumstances,
  • eat: you will achieve a success by big trouble.
(See also domestic animals,' sea tortoise ',' tank (animals) ',' animals')

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