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Sign (protection)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Protection, - healing, - clan, - society, - alliances, - story narrative, - Aufzeichner of events. Description: A sign was an object which either served as a protective device or was used to the identification. Shields were used in several warlike discussions of trunks close to the earth, but to point also, in order to the affiliation to a clan or the community. Furthermore they indicated the alliances which one had entered, the biography of the bearer or the events which one had found report-worth. Sign were valid as a protection at all levels of the being, - on spiritual, emotional, spiritual just as at the physical level. One said that they offered spiritual screening to a person, a home, a family or even a whole trunk. General meaning: A time in which you have the need for protection or in which you feel that you can protect yourself or other people and things, - to tell a need, your own history, - a trip which you have gone on tape or the beginning of a new way. Association: To something are up, - signs. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the protection.

In general:

A sign is a symbol for preservation. He can appear in the dream sign of a warrior or a barrier between the dreaming and the rest of the world. In the myth the amazons are also equipped with a sign. In this connection he symbolises the protecting aspect of the female.


Is archetypal the shield which our forefathers carried on her warlike enterprises for own protection with themselves, - translates: One can be not at all careful enough in the awake life and should make provision, so that nothing happens. If the dreaming protects another person with a sign, he must be sure that his action is measured. If he is protected by a sign, the dreaming must clear whether he should put up the shield or whether he is put up for him.


By the spiritual development the shield stands for a special development stage. In this point the dreaming must be aware that he has the control of his destiny. This symbol often appears for the first time in the dreams which represent this development stage.



  • see the covering of a warrior: watch out for quarrel and quarrel, it will go for you usually badly,
  • get passed: one will have to be on the alert to be able to defend himself against unexpected attacks.

(European ones).:

  • get one passed: now one must be wide awake and attentive, because unexpected attacks challenge a counterreaction,
  • weapon sign: promises to us a protector and Führsprecher.


  • see: you have a good friend and protector, - you will find a benefactor.
(See also knight,' armament')

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