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If one is welcomed in the dream somebody or is welcomed by somebody, and to one this greeting is pleasant and makes the meeting to a joy, then the dream with it confirms that one is without prejudice openly, and ready to concern new projects or to accept new challenges. If one was unfriendly, one must ask himself whether one makes way to a problem. To welcome somebody contact tells to take up. The other is particularly to be followed whom one welcomes and how this greeting runs off. Who dreams of welcoming scenes, would like to become maybe frequent 'friendly welcomed' - from the sphere accepts - be a welcome guest with the people whom one loves or needs. Presumably one has just a disappointment behind himself or feels not enough notable - or from a community impossible. The self-esteem urgently needs a sense of achievement!


Close friends friendly welcome, respond and kiss, is good, - one will say friendly words and get to hear, - it is less good if one appeals to people who are not close, but in any way are known. If one dreams of appealing to personal enemies and of kissing, the hostility will have an end, while the kisses of a dead person are fateful for a sick person, - the dream indicates it prophesied to him the death, - to a healthy, he will carry on no important negotiations in the immediate present because his lips touched a dead person. If one kisses dead people who were especially dear to one at her lifetimes and pleasant, this is neither for the talking nor for an otherwise plan of disadvantage.


(European ones).:

  • see: Visit or important news,
  • of a high personality: a pleasant visit is indicated,
  • of a person one may not: brings a disagreeable visit,
  • are welcomed even by children: happy event in the family life.
(See also slap)

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