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In general:

Wreck is often understood as a failure by obstacles and dangers on the life because of which one will fail. If one saves castaways, however, this promises that, nevertheless, one will still escape a predicament. However, after Old-Indian dream interpretation he should announce luck, success and profits.


Our life trip is stopped abruptly, mental is threatened. If we escape in the dream the menacing setting, a passing bad weather condition is indicated in a certain area of life, - we set or we see others setting, we get a mental crack and not only we ourselves must suffer. If we can escape, nevertheless, in the dream in country, a blind matter in which we are involved takes a happy turn.



  • see: you must begin anew, if courage,
  • has
  • suffer: the sign of a painful death, - one runs the risk to lose his existence basis - also: free yourselves immediately of unbecoming connections.

(European ones).:

  • are on a ship in sea need: one will get in a dangerous situation,
  • suffer or are on a sinking ship: if mostly means mortal danger and losses,
  • by a ship sink into the floods: one will experience by own guilt a heavy fall or breakdown,
  • are saved as a castaway: one will lose Having and property,
  • drown as a castaway: one will be preserved by helpful people before the biggest need,
  • castaways save: from a breaking misfortune one will remain like by a miracle spared,
  • ship in the fog: if means menacing danger.


  • suffer: you have luck and a profit comes to you to the house, - a favorable chance intervenes in your life,
  • see: happy future.
(See also ship, death)

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