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Association: - Destruction of aspects. Question: - Of what want I to get rid?

In general:

Shooting often symbolises an internal conflict which originates from reluctant qualities or aims. If one hears shots, can announce the important knowledge and news which is connected, however, often with worries and dangers. If one himself shoots, this asks, to itself of worries to release grief and annoyance while one shows them openly.


An aim was sighted, then the accuracy decides whether a little bit (or somebody) is 'shot'. A dream which deals with the human 'hunting instinct' and with calculated aggressive behaviour.



  • hear without seeing: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • others see shooting and hear: by perseverance you will reach to the aim,
  • see themselves: you will win in the dear fight,
  • even: you should not watch idly how other pocket the success,
  • shoot and hear the shots: one will be glad about arriving news.

(European ones).:

  • a decision is caught or a decision is made, - often it also concerns an anal sexülle reaction,
  • hear of single shots: if means the arrival of highly pleasing news,
  • hear from violent shooting: Restlessness or tumultuous events,
  • shoot: one will be able to give vent to his heart, finally,
  • others see shooting or hear: meant with spouses and loving misfortune by big egoism, - also: this dream points out to the fact that by carelessness shops run dissatisfied and plans will fail.


  • hear: Need and dangers,
  • see: you pursue nice aims,
  • even: good news.
(See also bang, gun, 'shot' and other weapons with those one can shoot)

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