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In general:

If one dreams of a referee, one brings a strong authority's figure into the play. The dream referee maybe represents somebody who has the power to influence the real life or to determine, or he gives to an advice which he can also put through as an instruction. If one ignored him or protested even against his decisions, one does well not to make this also in the real life in such a way, provided that the dream does not express merely the annoyance about preserved instructions. However, thus simple dreams are rare.


A dream which deals with own concept of fairness: itself and other towards. Moreover, it can be a tip that one should keep to certain 'rules of the game' in the life.



  • you will enjoy honour, - also: one will be directed after you.

(European ones).:

  • One is not to a friend unfairly towards. He has made unintentional a mistake and will be responsible for it.


  • your friend is loyal to you.

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