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In general:

If the dreaming is pushed in his dream, this is a tip to a strength in his sphere which allows to him to achieve his aim with low own expenditure. If the dreaming pushes, he uses his will actively. If the dreaming pushes a little bit uphill, about one car or a snowy ball, this indicates at the attempt to oppose natural forces.


If the dreaming stands in the everyday life under pressure, this can be expressed in the dream by the fact that he is pushed. Nevertheless, the process is maybe also a tip to the fear of illness. With certain forms of insanities the affected person has the feeling to be pushed herumgeschoben or to something that he does not want to do. Expresses itself these experiences in the dream, it can sometimes be really a form of the healing.


If a person develops media abilities, he possibly becomes of the fine forces and energy which surrounds to him. This can be experienced as pushing.



  • letting you of your place do not edge out.

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