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Burial / bury


In her frequency dreams about burials, death and death come first, regardless of age and occupation of the dreaming. It deals only once in a blue moon with a real death. Often it means something that one should better bury, a Zwistigkeit with that who is buried, a liaison or a useless object which was planned. However, it can also be that to the dreaming should be signalled that he threatens to lose abilities or talents. The death is for the psyche a symbol of the radical changes in the personality and/or in the living conditions on which many hopes, wishes, aims, settings, convictions and other psychic contents are carried to grave, - this can be understood absolutely positively, because only with this burial the way freely becomes for new life possibilities. To the place of that what will bury in the dream something new often steps. The dream of a burial is also a tip to the fact that the dreaming with his feelings must come concerning the death to the pure one. Besides, it needs not necessarily to concern own death, it can be also that of another person. The dream can draw the attention to the fact that it is necessary to mourn because of an event or a person in the past, and that only this time of the Trauerns enables the dreaming to forge plans for the future. However, burial can also symbolise now and then the unadmitted wish, another person would be dead or would have disappeared at least for good from own life. Not seldom stands behind it a disturbed mother's child's respect which was stamped by the oppressive dominance of the mother whom one would like to overcome as an adult, finally. This can walk along with morbid mental disturbances (often neuroses) which should be treated by psychotherapy. A dream of the burial of the parents symbolises therefore the first step in the direction of independence or stands for possibly painful letting go of the past. Maybe the dreaming must release his childhood (or childhood experiences) and confirm this act by a ritual or a celebration. If one himself buries, points mostly an internal setting which allows to walk on a wrong way - inhibitions, inferiority complex or self-pity - to us in the awake life, and requests to the self-knowledge. This is released, e.g., also by a feeling of the excessive demand, by a huge number of duties and duties by which one is properly buried and is hindered. Also the isolation in which one feels like in a grave of the life and from other people isolated and recognises no possibilities to escape from it can be a trigger. Another trigger are heavy feelings of guilt because of putative or more really former mistakes for which one is ashamed in such a way that one would best like to sink into the surface of the earth (grave), - this can also point to depressions with suicide danger and must be always taken seriously. A psychotherapy is absolutely necessary in particular cases. The fear of own death which is edged out or before the death of being close people arises from the real living conditions.


If one dreams of dying of being buried to grave carried and, it prophesies to a slave him no position of trust enjoys, the freedom, - the dead person is single because to no man subject and all strains and services. Against it the death robs a slave of the position of trust which he holds, - he announces an unmarried wedding, - then both, wedding and death, are valid the person as an aim and completion, and always one is indicated by the other. Therefore, the marriage prophesies sick people the death, - then both, the Hochzeiter like the dead, the same is given, e.g., the escort of strangers, men and women, wreaths odoriferous essence, ointments and a written recording of the property. The death of the woman separates the married, and he separates comrades, friends and brothers and sisters and divides, - then deads do not operate with living persons, still with deads. Which lives in the native country the face floats away from home because the dead cannot remain any more in the same site, while it goes back away from home staying in the native country, - then the dead person is sunk in the mother earth which is the common native country all. The death makes competitor winners with the holy plays, - the dead people are same just as the winners in the aim. From good premeaning the death is for belletrists and fathers of a family, - they will put to themselves a reminiscent spot, one in her children, the others in her works than witnesses of her high mind. Further the death is beneficial after my experience for sad and from fear afflicted (then the deads are single to all fruit and all pains), then go to court to people around land, and such who want to buy a piece of country. The dead people are men of the earth. In all other processes is the death of bad premeaning, because the deads are action-incapable and are defeated by the power of the living persons. If a sick person or sufferer dreams, he has died, he will become free of pain and illness. The dead people are it also. However, it makes no difference whether one dreams of dying only or of being buried to grave carried and. Against it this registers Vividly are buried nobody good, - mostly threaten dungeons and chains. Commits suicide, the good or bad which the death means will happen to him by his own activities. If he dies by the hand of an another, everything will come true by the activities of the person concerned. All death kinds which occur on account of a conviction give stronger weight to the intimated luck or misfortune. If somebody is afraid or tries to escape from a person, he will see not the person concerned, but imagine to escape from a wild animal, to sprinkle chains, to kill robber, to sacrifice to the gods or, otherwise, have a dream experience as it is typical for people who have escaped from a fright and an excitement. Thus it also went out to a painter in Corinth who often dreamt, he buries his man, - which believed a spot he, the roof of the house in which he stayed, collapses, the other spot, his own head would be cut off to him. His man stayed nevertheless alive and still today lives. Because the man understood something, however, from such signs, his soul did appropriate for art play with him, - then the same face would have prophesied to another the death of his man. So that, however, the decision is not difficult for you in such cases, probably knows that many and almost most not to say everybody belong to those, the dreams of general kind have, while only completely a few and only interpreters of dreams the remaining face look. Ascertain further with people, dream to die, whether not one believes to revive, - then then more all this arrives by no means what is indicated by the death. The Syrian Leonas who wanted to take part as a wrestler in the competition in Rome dreamt, he is dead and is carried to grave, - however, met him a ring master who reprimands the bearers because she him too fast and much too rash hinausschafften, - he can revive under circumstances. On it that has rubbed to him the breast with warm oil and wool and thus has woken him again to the life. The man had good afternoon in the competition and took a short-cut in the struggle very well, - however, as him view had to gain the winner's wreath, he became of the ring master who put (the business about the wreath), disadvantages. This could be bribed because and prevented that he got through the final battle successfully. Menandros from Smyrna dreamt when he was on the way after Olympia, he has been buried ebendort in the stadium. But he became a winner in the Olympic games.


At the spiritual level the burial stands for a transitional ritual.



  • in general: own death is to be valued positively because old person will bury, new is born! (28, 42)
  • of a stranger see: Grief and discord,
  • of a friend or relative see: good news, - joy and luck,
  • of a friend are present: Death of a friend,
  • a foreign magnificent one are present: you will attain wealth,
  • a foreign poor one are present: heavy struggles for existence,
  • your own: long life, health, family luck (symbolic contrast!)
  • are buried: long life,
  • bury an animal: a good friend gets lost to you,
  • bury a person: Hide your knowledge, otherwise another has the use and you come away empty-handed.

(European ones).:

  • are buried: should health and long life mean,
  • are buried vividly: Misfortune, captivity,
  • be see own or in it take part: a generally good sign, - forecasts a long and healthy life,
  • of good friends: Nuisances and problems with these people agree,
  • of a high personality: political change,
  • see a foreign burial: admonishes every time to think of the end of the life, also it indicates a death in the circle of our friends, - inheritance,
  • are present at a foreign one: Luck and joy for a self-and misfortune for a friend, - or for single: late marriage, namely then a happy, - for married: the death news of a child, friend or relative.
(See also grave, corpse, coffin, death, grief)

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