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Association: - Camp, home of the animal nature. Question: - Which part of me longs for care or security?

In general:

The house in which is provided for stock stands for impulsive, but also spiritual energy. If the barn is empty, we do not have to expect at the moment a lot of everyday life. If it is filled, our cash is also full, so that we can allow ourselves a happy life. Traditional interpretation: If one dreams of a barn, one has a secret passion which does not stand the daylight.


In the reality the introduced harvest is stored in the barn. In the dream the barn has a similar meaning, she signals prosperity, security and success of the dreaming. Indeed, besides, it depends very much on the state of the barn. If she is because fragile or has gone to ruin, this is a picture for fears, uncertainties, doubts or anxieties about the future.



  • full ones: it with an inheritance get to do, - about wealth and well-being may be glad, - also: you lead a woman in the house, - also: Success by work was achieved,
  • empties: thin times approach, - also: one has made to himself vain hope in a thing,
  • burning: one should particularly pay attention to his personal things and belongings.

(European ones).:

  • with ripe, dry grain and perfect ears full and fat cattle surrounded ones see: indicates at big prosperity,
  • a full one: shows the whole success by own work,
  • empties: Signs of a harvest failure.


  • full ones: growing prosperity,
  • empties: Reminder to diligence, - vain hope.
(See also farmer, stable)

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