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Scissors sharpener

In general:

Scissors sharpener should announce after old dream interpretation quarrel with others in which one is innocent, however, himself.


Translates the man who would like to sow discord in a narrow relation. Where he appears in the dream, a murky little soup is cooked, a competitor stands possibly before the door or even already in the middle of the room. He stirs up the scissors and the knife, so that they can better cut what could point in the awake life to separation of the long-familiar or from something which was dear to a long time and worth.



  • see: many empty promises receive.

(European ones).:

  • one takes too big freedoms in dealing with his possessions,
  • see: between and a being close person it is sowed by the third discord,
  • this dream unhappy connections and a lot of drudgery promises
  • of A woman.


  • you will go on a trip.
(See also knife, scissors)

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