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Worry (hair)



  • Dreaming a not free, he cares the head bald, he will lose his man and get in big distress, - a free man will be revealed disgracefully to the public disdain and die in poverty.
  • Seeming it one, the barber worries to him front head half and, besides, looks in his face, he will look ahead the way of his death, that worries rear half, he will remain in the uncertain about that.
  • profit in the business.


  • Dreaming one, he worries his head in monk's kind, he will do coaches, entanglements and sins flee and stand in loyalty between his faith.
  • of The emperors will lose his throne and die in misery.
  • the dream Witwenschaft, a single one a life prophesies
  • of A married woman without man and children
(See also bald head)

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