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  • profit in the business.

In general:

Pyre shows that one must give up intentions, plans, expectations, hopes or ideals because they are unrealistic.


He is stacked from our feelings of guilt, reveals psychic uncertainties. If the pyre burns, we should be reserved in the awake life and only go easy not to offend. If one sees himself on the pyre, one should go to himself and think over his present life to draw from it reasonable conclusions for the future, begin maybe still once from the front and, besides, avoid old mistakes. Stacked pyres are also warnings to confide thoughtlessly in foreign person.



  • see: one must overcome the past things absolutely if the other life should be happy,
  • burns: unhappy love,
  • leap over: glad dear party and wedding,
  • extinguish: your enemies can do to you nothing,
  • smokes: bad news,
  • should be burnt on it: is careful before a dangerous love affair, - it could badly go out to you,

(European ones).:

  • care before arrogance! Nothing on the opinion give more different and do not note that the difficulties become big and big,
  • see establishing: To keep reminder, in an important thing his thoughts with himself, because, otherwise, damage or disadvantages originate,
  • one should be burnt on it: it will get to the too biggest care with a love affair,
  • see burning: because of his candid statement unpopular or are treated with hostility or from his conviction must suffer,
  • establish or a little bit on it burn: to his present principles or views must become disloyal and draw from it the conclusions.


  • unhappy fate chances,
  • see burning: one pursues you because of your frankness,
  • see themselves on it: you commit incorrigible mistakes.

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