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In general:

If a dream of a separation acts, this can be a tip to the feelings which the dreaming has for the person in the dream. Maybe he would freely want his of responsibility. The dream can also be a request to clear the relations between the single personality shares. Separation sometimes appears really with marriage problems if one fears a separation, or warns about infidelity which endangers a respect. If one is divorced in the dream, however, this stands also for loyalty.


Does not mean really the final line under a marriage, but circumscribes rather that one does not have too much luck with intimate partners. The picture of the divorce sometimes also signals that one should be more friendly to his partner to be able to live next in unity with him. To the dreaming becomes conscious that he must express his feelings if he wants to retain integrity his Ganzheitlichkeit. He develops for himself a new life draught, maybe without old, up to now used coping systems.


At the spiritual level the separation in the dream marks difficulties which the dreaming has to understand the loss of the Ganzheitlichkeit of his personality.



  • of two people experience: one would like to rid himself of a responsibility which is tiresome,
  • experience his own: one should prove in respect with a being close person more patience, because this will soon develop favourably.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare, a dear person by own guilt to lose, - also: Dream of the opposite, - domestic luck,
  • see more different: Reminder to the loyalty,
  • see the own: if loyal love means up to the grave,
  • are separated: one is not to be enclosed with his partner, - one should take care of a better domestic atmosphere,
  • Dreaming a Mrs. von Scheidung, a life will approach her because of the infidelity of her lovers probably as a single.
(See also marriage, adultery)

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