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Cheque (bank)

Association: - slightly accessible resources, security. Question: - How do I protect my resources?

In general:

Cheque embodies a promise which one must redeem or which one received from another. However, in particular cases one is also warned about empty promises.


The check is to be evaluated as money as a general energy symbol in the dream. Cheques deal with the currency in the dream hardly something, but rather with promises and obligations which must be redeemed. Who writes out a cheque, a promise redeems in the awake life. If too many cheques all at once in the dream become visible, one is charged in the everyday life maybe too much and can hardly hold what one has promised. Importantly the figures on the cheques, are of course sometimes also the name which one reads on it.



  • you stands before bigger issues.

(European ones).:

  • see or receive: from a preserved promise remains to wait whether it is also redeemed, - also (see): one will be able to pay his calculations and inherit money, - also (receive): Warning before business failures! One is very careful with business transactions.
  • exhibit: one should promise nothing what one cannot hold or wants,
  • are economical: one will suffer setbacks and losses in the business,
  • to a friend phoney ones turn on: one will fall back on deception to speed up the plans,
(See also figures)

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