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Association: - Role, wish for recognition. Question: - Which role do I play? Do I have the feeling to get not enough recognition?

In general:

To dream of an actor - particularly if it concerns a famous film star - means that the dreaming realises the own I. The role which he plays in the life becomes conscious by him, and he recognises that he has not maybe taken over the role which lay to him, actually, with the heart or that one plays outwardly a role which does not agree intentionally with the personality and can be exposed. Maybe there stands behind it also the wish for more recognition, attention and validity (then often carried too far).


The actor is in the dream often one which makes a lot of theatre in the awake life. If he turns up, one should watch out, perhaps, for people who repeat only this what others whisper to them. Every person is the actor in his own life drama. If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as an actor, this can be a tip that he helps himself before other person of an artificial facade or mask and does not take his destiny in own hand, maybe he wants to play himself in the foreground, - whether this succeeds, other symbols of the dream will be able to explain. The dreaming has the possibility to train a new adequate personality.


At the spiritual level the actor is to be taken over in the dream a request to the dreaming, the responsibility for his actions and for his life.



  • meet a famous one: one will be enthusiastic about a new acquaintance in the beginning rather effusively, lose later, however, his interest to it,
  • see: you have secret unfulfilled wishes,
  • itself as one be: one should watch out for careless expenditures, - also: one does not know many sides.

(European ones).:

  • care! One tries to throw a wrong light on one and his being, - also: means domestic difficulties, - one should rein his temperament if not everything runs after plan, - also: Care with cash transactions in the next time. One could fall victim to a swindler.
  • see: an acquaintance with very interesting people will bring a lot of joy and pleasure,
  • see an actress: points to a state of unbroken luck,
  • see a tired one: one uses with pleasure his influence to release a friend from misery and from debts,
  • operate with such or speak: a dominating position gain which one can easily lose, nevertheless, by carelessness,
  • keep for one: one must fight for his existence, - nevertheless, the application pays off,
  • dear one: one connects pleasant with useful and opposes big efforts successfully,
  • see impecunious umherziehen: something will change - failure threatens, - who lives in comfortable relations, must count on coup and loyalty breaks,
  • dead (r) actor (in): stand for heavy misery which edges out your luck,
  • play themselves quite an other role than in the life: the external behaviour is not according to the true most internal being from,
  • Seeing a man that he kills the time itself with an actress, the tensions with his treasure approach him which cause more trouble than joy to him.
  • Dreaming a young woman that it is associated herself with an actor or marries him promises the remorse, after the pleasure has disappeared.


  • you has expenditures.
(See also minor part, opera, theatre)

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