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In general:

Swing symbolises that it goes in the life constantly up and down, - one should count neither on the luck, nor overrate the misfortune. If one sees the swing, can point to decisive weakness, one sways between several possibilities. If one sits on the swing, points to an internal conflict (for example, between duty and inclination). Now and again she also expresses sexual needs.


Who sits in the dream on a swing, feelings sway to and fro. Maybe he cannot decide between two people so surely, however, under circumstances he also sits presently in the professional life between two chairs. Who sees other on the dream swing, is possibly surrounded by unsafe Kantonisten which sway in her opinion very much. In women's dreams the swing should also conclude by erotic desire, because it goes always up and down, - we hold not necessarily such an interpretation for valid, however, think that swings in the dream also a danger can signal or conclude by mindless action - above all if the swing hangs on a dry branch or by too aerial height.



  • see: after rain follows sunshine, only courage!
  • can be swung: an unstable behaviour show,
  • see a swinging one: always a good portent in dear problems,
  • start moving on it: you will soon have experiences full of change,
  • swing themselves on it: one will soon win the affection of a person whom one reveres for a long time, - also: one has the inclination to take lightly the things and admonishes to more seriousness and seriousness,
  • fall down from one: your luck will leave you.

(European ones).:

  • symbol On and From in the life and the questions around the purpose in life, - means that one inclines to a frivolous conduct, and warns about carelessness and follies, - also: a change of the planning will turn out in the final effect very successful, - also: soon receive a flower present,
  • see one: warns about indecision,
  • on one sit: one is drawn and pulled up between two feelings, inclinations or people, - also: one falls under influence too easily under others, can decide only very hard and is very unstable all together, sometimes even unreliable,


  • see: your joy will be short,
  • see somebody or swing: Joy comes to the house,
  • swing: you are unstable.
(See also cradles)

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