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Association: - dig out, plant. Question: - What do I dig out?

In general:

A shovel in the dream stands for the need to dig in the past experiences for knowledge. Maybe the dreaming has to do a former happy or traumatic event or an experience from which he has learnt free shovels. The state of the spade or the shovel matters. A garden shovel is a tip that the dreaming is pragmatic that he must go about it carefully. Shovel announces that one is obliged to a disagreeable job from which one cannot avoid.


Because the shovel can be seen in the dream as an instrument of the selfanalysis, it is important what is shovelled with her. The dreaming must consider the contents of his life. If he shovels, for example, compost, this means that he thinks over the total sum and the most fertile aspects of his life. If he moves against it sand, this can be a tip to the fact that the dreaming has an intensive time experience. Who digs with a shovel for concealed, ducks in the awake life not only at the work, but also before higher authorities to receive their goodwill. Who carries the shovel, but with her does not work, probably wants to prove to all world how competent he is.


At this level the shovel in the dream is tools which can be helpful to lay the table what is right from spiritual view.



  • see: you will acquire a reason,
  • work with it: worthwhile work get,
  • see working the way up with it: for big Mühewaltung find no thanks,
  • dig a hole or pit: one has to make headway good chances in the life,
  • on hard reason or a hard object with dig bump: in spite of keen efforts one will achieve no success.

(European ones).:

  • or spade see: somebody needs your worker or other ask for assistance,
  • work with it: you will have an inferior business and low profit with big efforts,
  • broken ones: stands for disappointed hopes.


  • work with it: your services meet no approval,
  • you will hard make to you your bread.
(See also to spavins)

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