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Treasures (gold, precious stones)

Association: - Fulfilment, integration, material or spiritual remuneration. Question: - What do I need to feel whole?

In general:

A treasure in the dream always embodies something which is for the dreaming of big value. The treasure stands for the result of personal strains and success. A buried treasure indicates to find to find again some lost-believed, possibly a part of the personality. To bury a treasure, stands for the attempt to arm itself against the future and upcoming problems. Treasure is understood in old dream books as a business success. Deep-psychologically the question can appear in it, however, also after the sense of own life which one must answer for himself. If one finds a treasure, warns about losses and disappointments.


In the fairy tale a treasure is often found unexpectedly. If the dreaming finds a treasure in the dream action, this picture points to not yet high 'treasures' concealed in him, so abilities and possibilities. It can also be that this symbol would like to express that the dreaming has neglected his abilities. The treasure search in the dream opens unexpected possibilities. If one does not find the treasure in spite of intensive search, one goes hunting in the awake life after a phantom, however, will suffer no much too big damage. If the dreaming finds a treasure, he knows around the condition that he must ignore the restrictions if he wants to succeed with his search. The treasure search stands for discovering worldly goods or for material increase which must not necessarily be an advantage. Does one dig out a treasure, does one become poorer possibly around hope, - probably ours has an eye (financial?) Situation to, so that we cling in a straw. If one buries a treasure, one probably wants to put off a person who was reflected up to now friendly what the unconscious with the picture of the treasure grave warns about. If another buries the dream treasure, somebody maybe wants to play to us a bad prank.


At the spiritual level the search for the treasure in the dream symbolises the search of the humanity for enlightenment or the search for the Sangraal.


Inwards favourably outwardly unfavorably it is to be found a treasure, because big wealth means worries and grief because the treasure is hard to be administered. If one dreams, he finds a treasure, the only low value has, the incommodities will be lower, - a rich treasure against it prophesies grief and worries to dig up often the death, - then without earth one can discover just as little a treasure like a dead person bury. (The interpretation is based on the popular faith in the treasure-protecting dead people. From the lap of the earth the silver and gold is won, - to get the treasure, one must descend in the empire of the dead people, the minds. It will be also based on this image that all treasures and metals belong to the dead people that according to the view some interpreter of dreams brings all money in the dream to misfortune.)



  • big from money see: Wealth attain,
  • see in general: you have luck in the play,
  • look: you go by one dear hour,
  • dig: your enterprises remain fruitless, - also: one is behind a useless thing and will thereby experience a disappointment,
  • find: you will fall in love,
  • find unexpected: one should pay attention not to pass heedlessly a valuable thing,
  • lift: your best friends will deceive you,
  • give away: you lose by own guilt a friend,
  • bury: one is in the concept to forfeit all sympathies by his behaviour to himself and must thereby count on worries,

(European ones).:

  • mostly means question whether the life is worthwhile,
  • bury one or hide: by a so-called good friend become betrayed, - also: one will forfeit to himself the sympathies more different by own behaviour and cause new worries,
  • look: you strive yourself in vain,
  • dig for one: a plan fails, runs - one to a useless thing behind here and left the fingers of it, because, besides, one could be cheated,
  • dig for one without finding him: one will remain preserved before a menacing disappointment,
  • find with negative dream course: means heavy losses of money and property or impoverishment, - with positive dream course: one should keep open the eyes and ears, because one passes, otherwise, a very valuable or promising thing,
  • lose: it is forecast to a misfortune in the business and inconstancy of the friends,
  • collect: you give yourself unnecessary troubles.


  • find: good progress in the shops.
(See also precious stones, gold, jewellery)

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