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Shadow shapes


How express themselves the rejected and the stranger in the dream? All people and their activities and feeling statements which you reject can be looked as a so-called shadow projection in terms of Carl Gustav Jungs. The shade lets us see this what we cannot suffer from ourselves, even if it concerns, besides, concealed chances and talents. Because these, our qualities so strongly from our self-image deviate, we look them into other people. If we have the picture of a calm, meek person, for example, from ourselves and we become aggressive, then it shows to itself us, as if our opponents and not we ourselves are aggressive. The shade reveals our true being to us in other. Because we do not note the shade to ourselves - psychologically it is expressed projected - he steps in the dream in action, because our consciousness exercises there no direct control. He generates pictures which are fed by our rejected side. All those beings in the dream of which we are afraid and/or which we long for especially intensely show aspects of our shade. The dark figure, the light shape, the immoral person, or the saint, the pursuer and Bedroher, the monster and monster, double, mirror, uncanny and especially tempting situation in the dream are, for example, pictures for our unaware or shadow page. And because we are often blind to her towards, the dream goes forward sometimes very drastically and exaggerating. If we do not change carefully. If to us in the dream, for example, a cruel man pursues, he shows a picture for our cruel and greedy side which we do not trust to ourselves to consider. Or this cruel person symbolises our too big tolerance compared with the really existing cruelty in the world - and in own life! In this case he requests to a better defence and refusal of the unspeakable. The shade is the rejected other in us which would like to be released, so that we become comprehensive.

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