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Sharp judge

In general:

Sharp judge points to a difficult situation which one will well get over, nevertheless, even if the long time does not seem so.


He finishes with a prank or a button pressure a time of the oppression or can go. Who sees a sharp judge in the dream, a happy future can work out itself in which he can live carefree because he does not need to take any more on the past consideration.


Sharp judges mean imprisonment and griefs. Criminals lay them in chains and concealed they bring to light. Since they lend a hand to malefactor who are transferred and are caught red-handed.



  • see: are saddened by wrong and thankless friends, - also: one will take revenge for you.

(European ones).:

  • promises a monetary profit and says that something disagreeable turns to the good.


  • you will suffer need and suppression.
(See also hangman)

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