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In general:

Bowl (wrapping) often asks to escape from foreign influence. However, maybe it can be also interpreted in terms of facade. Bowl (vessel) with fruit, candy or drinks can announce a restful time, - partly the contents of the bowl must be interpreted, in addition.


The symbol of the lap, the sacrificial bowl also translates, - one sacrifices himself in the awake life maybe for somebody or dedicates himself (above all with women!) to somebody completely. If a bowl breaks, the love could also break. Are you from the type 'hard bowl, soft core'? As a dream symbol, as well as, otherwise: It is about the fact that under a hard, rough appearance a sensitive being is hidden - one must only know how 'to crack' the bowl.


The bowl symbolises abundance and contains the 'drink of the immortality'.



  • see: one will enjoy the respect of an important personality,
  • of glass: one sees through your plans,
  • of white porcelain: Wealth and luck,
  • of coloured porcelain: a glad party,
  • with flowers: Engagement,
  • of gold: an inheritance,
  • shop: you are in love,
  • hold in the hands: you receive an order while you something conceives and afterwards should transmit it,
  • get as a gift: our household is blest,
  • give away: you give away your love,
  • to drink passed got: one wants to calm you,
  • drink from it: a love affair will turn out adequate and profitable,
  • break: one stands at the beginning of a run of bad luck in dear things, - luck in the play,

(European ones).:

  • is to be understood as a spring of the rest after discomfort,
  • see to the drinking: if nice rest of the everyday life,
  • promises
  • get passed: tells nice hours with a dear person in,
  • even other rich one: if brings wholesome loneliness,
  • hold one: one will soon receive a new order,
  • from one want to drink and find them empty: means laborious and unwieldy days,
  • of somebody get as a gift: if luck promises in the family life and in own family life,
  • break: brings restless hours,
  • a full one: one is soon invited or one will be able to welcome himself soon guests,
  • of full fruits, cakes, candy or such see: guests are to be expected, or one will be invited himself,
  • eggshells stray: one would like to escape from the influence of the parents.


  • see or of crystal glass: you will attain respect,
  • drink from it: Luck in dear things,
  • break: you will have to renounce your love,
  • shop: an invitation,
  • receive to the present: you will find loyal friends,
  • give away: you are everywhere a welcome guest.
(See also facade,' vessel')

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