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In general:

A scaffold means that a part of the life must be brought to the end. Maybe the dreaming is aware, for example, that he has offended against laws and convictions of the society and must be punished, hence. Maybe, however, he also inclines to sacrificial behaviour and should argue with it.


Every now and then the scaffold in the dream symbolises an enforced end. This can be a tip to the decease of a personality portion. Because it cannot be integrated, an end must be put to the behaviour which causes difficulties. Who sees a scaffold in the dream, can calculate on the possibility that him so-called good friends want to hold from a change favorable for him in his life. Who mounts it, past leaves behind and wins the new examination which will pay off in the life.


A scaffold points to a forced spiritual behavioral norm and to self-control.



  • see: are pursued, - sad end of all enterprises, - also: you will be released from your enemies,
  • mount: announced high honour.

(European ones).:

  • honour, respect and dignity, - also: one will experience big disappointments, because one does not succeed in winning a beloved person for itself,
  • mount: one is misunderstood by his friends and is reproved for something what one has never done,
  • climb down from one: one will be guilty of a mistake and receive for it the punishment,
  • of one fall: one is unexpectedly surprised with how one cheats and adds other wrong.


  • mount: you will reach to honour and dignity.
(See also hangman, execution)

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