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In general:

If in the dream a skull seems in the form of a death's-head with crossed bones under it, this can be a romantic picture for a pirate or a symbol for danger. Because the skull stands for the head, he can also symbolise intellectual abilities or her absence.


Feels of the dreaming in his dream his own skull, this is called that to him is aware how he has structured his life. If the dreaming sees a skull where a head should be, this points to the fact that a part of the person has 'died'. If the dreaming with a skull speaks, this expresses the need to talk with those people whom he has lost. If a skull with him speaks, becomes a personality portion of the dreaming whom he has rejected or has denied, awake again to the life.


At the spiritual level the skull in the dream embodies the death and everything what is connected with him.



  • a happy enterprise,
  • Dreaming somebody, he eats a Schafschädel, he will live delightfully and in joys. If it is a human head, he will cheat his head and to him badly join in, presumably to themselves also at his place put.
  • Seeming it one, one brings him heads of Schafböcken, he will take over goats, to deer or other horned animals, a high office and take into custody so many ruling heads as heads were brought him in the dream. However, this face can look only the Pharaoh or his deputy.
  • Dreaming a pauper or my husband, he shops or finds a head, he will win ten, hundred or thousand golden coins.
  • dead person's skull: Luck and profit chances, - also: Sends a reminder to the honesty and sober consideration of the realities. Then the success will not be missing with enterprises.
  • hit: you will have to pay big teaching money.

(European ones).:

  • an enemy will strike back and prepare for an annoyance, - also, - Li> always sends a reminder to honesty and sober approach,
  • see lying: is valid for happy accomplishing of any plan,
  • find with the ditch: if means an inheritance or other allowance,
  • grinning ones see: if mean domestic disputes, - what one takes in hand on business, Li> ends with losses,
  • see that of a friend: a friend will add to a wrong, because one was preferred towards him,
  • see the own: one is pursued by pangs of conscience.


  • see: good enterprise.
  • Eating somebody a cooked Schafschädel, he will earn big profits of 1-man-high state, however, it will cost him to Striving and work, - is roasted of the Schafschädel, he will fight against his enemy to bring his having and Well in himself, and defeat him, - nevertheless, he will take in his having and property no unmixed pleasure because the skull about the fire was roasted.
  • Eating somebody a skull in raw state, he will become treacly rich around the price of loud sins.

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