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Association: - wrapping up, containing, - Keep. Question: - What would certainly like I to keep?

In general:

The vision of the box points out the dreaming to the fact that he has to lose fear, certain things which are important to him. If the dreaming feels in his dream like in a box gepfercht, this stops him from developing in the manner corresponding to him. If he packs objects into a box, this symbolises to the attempt of the dreaming to shake off feelings or thoughts which he cannot master. If he does not find for it in a box enough place, another person is soon preferred to him in a choice.


Different kinds of boxes can show different aspects of the female personality in the dream. Moreover, the dreamer stands with her sight in danger to mourn his dwindling youth in such a way that he does not think at all of the advantages of the age.


At the spiritual level the box stands in the dream for the female principle.



  • see or own: a secret cannot solve, - also: you waste your love on worthless people,
  • hold in the hand: it would be to be considered whether it is worthwhile to sacrifice itself furthermore for relatives.
  • carry: you will forfeit your luck.

(European ones).:

  • see or shop: if a secret, - also brings us: one wastes so much time and energy to mourn the dwindling youth that one does not see the advantages and the luck of the age at all,
  • see an open one: warns about thieves,
  • open one and see contents: luck-like sign, above all for the love,
  • open and find nothing in it: Illness and loss, - the plans become crosses, - disappointment in the partnership,
  • get as a gift a small one: if brings a pleasant surprise,
  • hold in the hand: one should consider sometimes in rest whether it is worthwhile to sacrifice itself also in future for the relatives and friends so.


  • see: you forfeit to you your luck yourself.
(See also 'vessel', 'package')

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