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A symbol for the descent in the area of the unconscious in the dream. After Dr. Freud: one of the countless vagina symbols.



  • stand before it: Warning before the coming danger,
  • look in a deep one or drive down: you are anxious to go for the things on the reason and to look deeper than it seems to us generally necessary,
  • fall down: a rash action brings big grief,
  • go in: are put out to strange impositions,
  • come out of one: you will escape from a danger,
  • work in it: of a murky future go towards.

(European ones).:

  • see a deep one: now one should go for all things on the reason and fathom the depth, the concealed, with himself and with others,
  • work on one: false-escorted energy will bring need, - one will allow that foreign influence gives the life,
  • fall in one: Hopelessness will overcome one,
  • a collapsing shaft: signals that the plans of opponents own bring to case,
  • an empty shaft: one is robbed if one gives his trust to strangers.


  • business success.
(See also well)

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