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In general:

Acid stands for fear or decomposing cynicism, - with it one damages himself mostly. Acid in the dream documents a destructive influence on the life of the dreaming who can have, nevertheless, also a cleaning effect. The dreaming possibly has the impression to be consumed by any action or image.


Acid in the dream expresses the knowledge of the dreaming that his assurance and his normal feeling of the well-being have melted away by external influence.


At the spiritual level acid in the dream can be a tip that corruption eats away the Ganzheitlichkeit of the dreaming.



  • you will get to hear something very much ugly.


  • The picture warns against making wrong or excessive promises or against counting on promises. Since you show currently a slope to limitless exaggeration and at the same time to naive gullibility - a fact which could cost dear you. Care also not to want to seem any more than to be. (Man

(European ones).:

  • see or with it handle: if danger forecasts in connection with a promise, - keeps own promises and does not trust in the observance of the promises more different,
  • drink: a dream which spreads many fears,
  • toxic acids: a betrayal is maybe uncovered against one,
  • Drinking a woman säuerliche liqueurs, then she will get in a compromising situation, - also the health can be concerned.

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