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Baby stands often for an immature, unsafe personality which will well develop, however. In general one interprets him as a favorable sign for a pleasant, sure future if he has not lost weight, shouts or falls.



  • see: you may not deal with inexperienced people.

(European ones).:

  • see: generally a good sign,
  • bear: new possibilities of existence arise,
  • see in the birth: if separation of his wife brings to the man, - a good, for businessmen and empires is for arms a bad sign, - the return brings travellers in the native country,
  • see a just born one: happy surprises come up on,
  • see nursing with: if luck means for the mother,
  • carry to the baptism: points to a Christian conduct,
  • see playing: if brings joy,
  • see swimming one: points to a happy escaped from an affair,
  • hear see an ill or falling one or shouting: Decline of the shops,
  • see a thin one: points to a bad time,
  • see a thick one: if a good time allows to expect,
  • see a dying one: points to an unexpected success,
  • murder: one will do to himself a big harm,
  • Dreaming a young woman to have a baby one will accuse of her one dissolute conduct.
(See also baby)

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