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To satyrs (forest minds)

Association: - Work on the union between intellect and animal passion. Question: - Where in my life I integrate body and mind? To what extent do I look for sexual freedom?

In general:

When the person stood still on a lower cultural step, his animal nature had more weight. It was possible to him to see energy pattern or minds in itself as well as in the nature who accepted a human or half-human shape. Such a shape is of her


The satyr is the part of the nature which is out of control, beyond every control. He owes to nobody loyalty and is not to be restrained. If he is felt as destructive, he is suitable, - the dreaming feels him as helpful, he shows this quality.


At the spiritual level the satyr shows the uncurbable mind of the natural forces in the dream.


(European ones).:

  • one should not call Bacchus minds frivolously, one could not get rid of them, otherwise so easily again.
(See also 'gods')

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