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In general:

In dreams time plays no role. If the dreaming experiences in his dream something with which the time is measured, then this should draw the attention of him to the fact that his activities are 'measured'. Because the hourglass is an old measuring instrument, it possibly reflects his old-fashioned view of time and his old-fashioned contact with her. The dreaming should help himself of more exact methods to value his activities. Hourglass symbolises the transitoriness, - in particular it points out to the fact that one wastes his time with pointless things and reaches in the life nothing.


The hourglass in the dream points to the irreparably trickling away time in a certain matter which gives a hard time to us very much. Who sees dreaming an hourglass, to that the time trickles away mostly too fast, that would like to hold on the moment and not think to the morning. If a person stands under stress, he perceives spreading the time überdeutlich, the time becomes in this manner an enemy. The hourglass in the dream is for this the suitable symbol. The dream sometimes means also the separation of something dear or the loss of a close person, - further details can be interpreted with the help of other symbols.


At the spiritual level the hourglass in the dream is a symbol of the death, the unkeepable open passing by time or, however, cardinal virtue of the moderation.



  • look: 'Memento mori', your days are counted, - also: Death in the family.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant death or inevitable separation of a being close person.


  • dangerous illness.
(See also sand)

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