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  • Dreaming one, he draws sandals and goes away, he will undertake a trip, - it seems to him, a Schnürriemen has torn, he will give up voluntarily the trip, - however, the strap has broken off completely, so that the sandal of the foot falls, he will be hindered to full affliction against his will in the trip.
  • pulls to new sandals, however, does not go away, he will marry, he is married, are present at a new concubine.
  • Dreaming somebody that he carries the sandals as the first and holds them, still untouched, in hands becomes he a young girl or a pure virgin would drive home, - however, the sandals are already carried, he will marry a widow.
  • he will marry
  • Being the sandals of black colour and hairy, a wealthy woman, if red, one who is after his heart, if yellow, an ailing and bad-disposed if knows, a lovely one.
  • coloured sandals mean a wilful woman who makes big demands to the life, - rindslederne register, one will testify with an aristocratic Roman of high standing - the horn of the cattle - a daughter points to it.
  • Being the sandals from camel leather, becomes the woman from Arabian gender, if be from buffalo skin, from a mighty, but silly clan if from horse skin, are descended from noble and mighty men.
  • Dreaming one, he draws two sandals and goes away, a sandal, however, tears, he will go on travelling and lose brother or sister, - it seems to him, a sandal has been stolen from him, his woman will cause to him big grief, it is as a result of a heavy illness or as a result of her demise. If is the dreamer on travelling, he will not be able to carry out them. After another interpretation the loss of the sandals means a deception on the part of the woman, the daughter or sister.
  • Dreaming one, somebody snatches the sandals from him by force, if he interprets it as the death of his wife.
  • see or own: you are an eccentric (16, - 37), - also: you know how to make easier to yourself the life.

(European ones).:

  • see or carry: one is present either to become a small eccentric, or one owns a fleet-footed character and a big freedom need.


  • see under (arab).

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