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In general:

Sanitarium can request specifically to more rest and relaxation because one is affected, otherwise, by excessive demand. If one sees it, one gets over a loss or a disappointment mostly quickly.


In the sanitarium one takes a cure to come, finally, again to full forces. With this vision the unconscious signals our auxiliary need in the awake life. If the dreaming is in a height sanitarium, therefore, he must not fear immediately to be tuberculous. Mostly this dream illness has to act with a psychic respiratory difficulty, - the organ of the aerial-shaped, so of the spiritual food functions obviously insufficiently.



  • see as a building, or see the sign one: you urgently need rest,
  • to themselves see lying in it or detain: one should strive to come out soon of a stagnant state.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will faster recover from a heavy disappointment, a failure or loss than expected, - also: one urgently needs some rest and should refrain to the people and events,
  • are in one as a patient: if a heavy impediment means in the progress, - difficulties and disappointments are to be mastered,
  • in one act: a clever arrangement or a proved auxiliary readiness will be recompensed.
(See also hospital)

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