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Association: - Softness, luxury. Question: - What is too hard with? Where in my life I am vulnerable?

In general:

Vital it is with materials from which a dream acts, mostly her structure and state. In the case of velvet the sensuousness and softness of the material comes out. With often expresses that one strives for more respect and validity. Purchase of velvet should promise prosperity.


After the traditional dream interpretation velvet stood for tiff. The modern interpretation interprets him as a symbol of the luxury and the sensuousness. The colour is of essential meaning. If one glides in the dream over velvet, one would want in the awake life something soft, dear stroke or also longs according to sensitive words which provide a little affection. Who goes against it to velvet and silk, his nose should not carry too high and not feel elated about others, - then every material also wears out bit by bit.


At this level velvet stands in the dream for spiritual gentleness.



  • see or carry: by your intolerable arrogance you will get Feindschaften,
  • shop: you are futile and anxious to please.

(European ones).:

  • one expects itself too much, while one allows to fire out plans and wishes about the aim, - also: promises successful enterprises, - lead a life in prosperity,
  • see or produce clothing of it: one will win respect and honour,
  • see old velvet: the prosperity will suffer from own extreme pride,
  • carry: warns about arrogance, - also: it is lent to one an honouring,
  • stroke: one wants to escape from his usual monotony and Li> longs for an affectionate person,
  • others see carrying: advantages are to be expected by the traffic with respectable personalities,
  • wrapping
  • Being a young woman in velvet clothes, her honour is proved. She will be able to choose between several well-to-do lovers.


  • shop: Wealth is sure to you.
(See also colours)

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