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Seed (punches)

Association: - Beginning, - spring of the higher being. Question: - What want I to develop, or where want I to develop?

In general:

A seed in the dream represents the potential of a person. Maybe the dreaming has an idea which originates scarcely, or a plan accepts shape in his mind and, nevertheless, needs only still care. In the dream of a woman a seed can be a tip to a forthcoming or desired pregnancy.


On this occasion, the vision of the seed, is uninterested it whether it concerns human seed or seminal punch, a symbol is for vitality. Earlier the difference was unknown between physical and spiritual fertility. The seed was a symbol for the origin and development of the living. A side of the divine vitality at that time was the conception and fathering which fulfilled the psyche as well as the physical constitution equally. Often it concerns with the seed the psychic energy which falls on fertile ground. A seed in the dream can be a symbol of the confirmation for a plan or an initiated plan. The dreaming must get to know the conditions under which he can lead his personality to the germ and to fertile growth. If one sows him, one probably lays in the awake life the store for a successful activity which will well run on a continuing basis. Who buys only seed, however, in the dream and does not sow him, to that will give a hard time in the personal area of Inhibitions.


At the spiritual level the seed in the dream symbolises big possibilities and latent strength.



  • see: Luck gain,
  • of birds on the field see pecking up: Loss of property all the more, as the birds peck up,
  • of birds see pecking up as her feed: your reliefs find the best recognition,
  • shop: your plans are good and will bring success,
  • sow: deal in useful manner, - favorable sign for intentions and plans, at the same time a tip to fertility and blessing of the work, - happy future and wealth,
  • clean: your business progress will be blest,
  • sell: you make a bad deal.

(European ones).:

  • means an advantageous connection and shining future, - increasing prosperity, also against unfavorable signs, - also: Before longer time one has laid the foundation-stone to the success. Soon one will be able to celebrate him.
  • sow: if one seizes now new plans, one will be very successful, above all professionally.


  • shop: good progress of a plan,
  • of the birds see pecking up: you will suffer losses,
  • scatter: you most sluggishly you with new plans,
  • clean: good progress of your business.
(See also germ, sowing, 'sowing', 'sexuality')

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