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Association: - Spice, - taste, - intensification. Question: - Which part of my life want I to give to more spice?

In general:

In the dream salt throws a light on the delicacies in the life of the dreaming, on those things with which he improves in appearance of his life. According to a certain theory remain if all water from the human body is removed, merely enough mineral substances back to cover a 5-mark piece. The person denies his life energetically to a large part by feelings, however, also the more subtle aspects are important. In general it is understood as a symbol for health, vitality, success and luck. If one sees it, registers the good start of a matter. Salt can eat on good friendship and fulfilment of wishes point. If the salt is buried, one must count above all in the family on problems.


As a symbol of the permanence and incorruptibility salt is in the dream of great importance. In old time salt served once as a wage, today one recognises the value of a person, while one gives him salt. It entwine itself many customs round the salt. Thus one throws it over the shoulder - supposedly to the devil in the face. In Scotland it is beside coal and bread the first what one brings about the threshold to welcome the new year. Still today bread and salt are handed to the deuce in a new house or also in a flat. They are a sign of hospitality, moreover, the bread is the old food of the person, the salt belongs to it. There is to him his taste. The bread is a symbol for the mental food in the dream, the salt gives him the spiritual spice. Salt is also in the vision a vital material. If we bury it, we maybe suffer from a lack appearance which wants to indicate the unconscious us with it. To avoid health disturbances, this warning should be taken seriously. Who must scrape clean an oversalting soup (see there), can calculate in the awake life on the fact that he must atone for something for which he is not to blame, actually, at all or that the dreaming has a problem too much vergeistigt and sees too one-sided, hence.


At the spiritual level salt in the dream as a quintessence symbolises all his what the person knows, wisdom.



  • see or have: with his house comrades get in petty Zšnkerei,
  • shop: now your life will become happier,
  • get passed: Blessing greeting for a happy household,
  • dishes salt: one would be warned against interfering with the matters of other people,
  • eat or eat oversalting dishes: you will sow to strife, - it approach a heavy time, - also: one says you a little bit very much disagreeable,
  • salty soup: you are in love,
  • rub or bump: you will pour tears,
  • bury: Grief, worries or even misfortune, - quarrel in the respect,
  • scatter: one will have to expect substantial annoyance which can develop under circumstances to serious difficulties, - also: there threaten charges from on the part of mighty, high-powered people,
  • act in a water pot: one will know how to enjoy the nice things of the life,
  • cook: a suffering is cured,
  • deliver: you will get in need.

(European ones).:

  • old subject of the salt as a life material for health and vitality, - lack always nasty,
  • see: is conducive for an enterprise or plan, - happy experiences,
  • use: a long-familiar matter will win by an event new charm,
  • food salts: one should not interfere with the matters of other people,
  • salt meat: Debts and mortgages will load to one,
  • scatter: passing nuisance or bad luck is to be expected,
  • bury: must calculate meant fear, - frustration, - on some difficulties, - one will experience grief and worries or even quarrel with the husband or life partner,
  • shop or have: big advantages are to be reached by skilful manipulations,
  • eat: you will go through heavy times,
  • of somebody get passed: the family life is very harmonious and the household is protected,
  • accept: you are very witty,
  • bump: an old woman will cure your suffering,
  • If a young woman salt eats, her friend leaves them because of a prettier and more attractive girl what will cause her deep grief.


  • eat: one will fulfil to you a wish,
  • bury: Incommodities at the home.
(See also 'bakers', 'meat', 'wreath', 'food')

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