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medicine wheel:

Key words: Fire mind, - elemental spirit, - mythological reptile. Description: The salamander is a reptile similar to lizard with a long tail and more typically black-yellow skin drawing. He is also a mythological animal from whom one said, he can live in the fire. Therefore, some trunks close to the earth call the mind who lives in the fire, salamander. General meaning: The part which longs for the deep transformation by the element fire, - an aspect of itself which feels fine with fire the heat and the intensity of the life estimates, - sexuality as a vitality, - the part of itself which loves the sun. Association: Name of a shoe brand. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the element fire.


As well as the salamander as a symbolic animal is valid the queue for unaware processes - and he is valid as a magic being.


(European ones).:

  • requires quickness in the thinking and action without carelessness.

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