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String (music instrument)

In general:

String (n) points to the need for a pleasure, however, points out, in addition, to the fact that one can take, besides, damage.


Who tunes the strings of a stringed instrument in the dream, a slight disgruntlement will fast forget in the awake life.



  • from bowel: secure existence,
  • from wire: hard demands are made to you,
  • hear sounding: Affliction.

(European ones).:

  • of an instrument: you will make in future matters the right decision,
  • see: promises jollities,
  • strings gather: is valid for good shops,
  • golden string, edging or string: promises big profit in close future.


  • of a violin: go less to people who love your money, but not you,
  • of a harp: a pleasure with danger.

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