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Have you 'skimmed milk' thoroughly? Here it is about a 'luxuriant pleasure' - which kind, is clearer from the dream action to recognise.



  • see: even in a hopeless thing one will have to a success,
  • tax away or drink: one will perceive his advantage, however, should not be too selfish,
  • (whipped cream) eat: you will gain good success, - one will soon be able to enjoy substantial advantages, even if one may feel not self-confident, besides.

(European ones).:

  • health, cheerfulness and good advancement,
  • scoop or eat: one can get a good advantage, however, besides, one should not go forward so egoistically,
  • drink: meant immediate luck,
  • serve: one can hope for wealth, in so far as one does not act in the agriculture, - farmers may count on a good harvest and a harmonious family life,
  • the lovers who have a cream dream will soon divide her life with each other.


  • see: you will have a good advancement.
(See also milk, - 'cream')

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