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Säemann / sow

In general:

The sowing in the dream can symbolise the sexual act, good management or the beginning of a new project.


The Sämann in the dream provides for the wax and prospering of new plans which can be carried out only with hard work. The sowing can be also interpreted sexually because one introduces the seed in the furrow. Quite Babylonian dream researchers believed in rich child blessing if one saw sowing himself in the dream. In the sowing the picture is included to create basic conditions for the success. The works like the preparation of the ground which must walk at the head of the sowing are also in the today's mechanised society still sensory-laden pictures.


Sowing in the spiritual sense means to create the right conditions under which growth can take place. Sowing is the symbol of the creativity.



  • with quiet air: your plan will succeed, - also: the work will yield good profit,
  • in stormy weather: without consideration act,
  • Sämann: long, healthy life.

(European ones).:

  • sow from seed a productive future promises to the farmer if he sows in freshly furrowed ground.
  • in regularly distributed holes: Success and recognition,
  • other see sowing with: it are predicted to one many shops which are of all use.


  • you will acquire wealth,
  • see: good health.
(See also harvest, sowing, seed)

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