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Sadism / sadist

In general:

Sadism has his origin often in a fury which is based on injuries in the childhood and carries the dreaming still in itself, even if he tries to suppress them. He has the wish, another person - generally a person he loves - to injure or to provoke with her one reaction. In the awake state most people are not able to sadistic actions, nevertheless, in the dream the suppressed urge can win through safely.


It is important whether the dreaming behaves in his dream sadistically or whether another dream figure lets out her sadism on him. In the dream other dream figures often embody a personality portion of the dreaming, in this case, hence, he must think about whether he adds himself, intentionally or accidentally, even grief. Maybe the dreaming would like to punish himself for any putative offence and dreams, as a spare action, of sadistic behaviour. The sadism in the dream can also point to a masochistic disposition in the awake state.


At the spiritual level the sadism is an expression of false-escorted life energy.



  • you deals with bad people.
(See also 'sexuality')

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