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Dead end

In general:

If the dreaming is in a dead end, this pointless activity, maybe also a state of the sluggishness symbolises and warns in general about wrong intentions and sighting. One thereby gets stuck on problems from which there is no more way out. The circumstances possibly prevent that he makes progress, and it can be necessary to decrease again the same way to come to the aim.


The dreaming who is in a dead end is to blame for his situation mostly himself. The dreaming is stuck in old behaviour patterns, and maybe his plan is prevented by mistakes of the past. It is the best if he decreases the same way, learns, besides, from his mistakes and searches another way for himself. If a dead end appears in the dream, the dream can also be of sexual nature. The dead end corresponds with the insides of female thighs - one more door is at the end of the dead end, becomes the symbol even more evident. Such a dream points out to the fact that of the dreaming fear of the sexual act has and this is loaded with feelings of guilt.


At the spiritual level the dead end in the dream represents uselessness.



  • Your trouble was free of charge. You must give up it.
(See also obstacle)

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