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In general:

Bag symbolises in general contents of the unconscious which one should more exactly investigate. According to the accompanying circumstances he can have the above all following concrete meaning:
  • empty bag announces that one remains fruitless in spite of all strains.
  • though
  • full bag promises success in which one will take, however, no pleasure under circumstances.
  • grain bag points to success, at the same time, however, on envious person.
  • potato bag indicates scanty success which changes in a mi▀lichen situation a little.
  • in the bag can rummage about a disappointment announce.
  • Getting one something from the bag, this must be interpreted, in addition.
  • Opening to itself the bag or something falls from a hole in it, one will have a failure.


The bag has the same meaning like the bag or every other container of this kind. If one dreams of bags, one is not deliberate to himself of his potential and his abilities basically. In the dream of a woman he can mean pregnancy, in the dream of a man he points out somehow experience in the mother's lap. As a symbol of the security the mother's lap appears in dreams often as a pocket or bag. The bag as a benefit object gives to the dreaming, because he contains something, the opportunity to think about his assets. In the mind the dreaming can empty the bag before himself and then decide what is importantly for him and what he would like to take furthermore. A full bag can symbolise to the dreaming one that he has not worked off his past and him with it linked thoughts and problems still occupy strongly. Who drags a full bag on the shoulder in the dream, carries in the awake life hard in big responsibility and will have to master duties whose use are very dubious. An empty bag indicates poverty and privation, but now and then also dwindling power.


In his strict meaning the bag can be a tip to the death. He can register, for example, the death of a person or, however, also the freeing of a part of the personality. The dreaming must let go a problem and pack symbolically into the bag to be able to continue with his life.



  • full ones: to you good income stands in view,
  • empties: count on need and poverty, - also: your hopes are cheated,
  • with money: big inheritance,
  • see loading themselves with heavy bags: a busy time approaches,
  • many grain bags see: point to many envious people.

(European ones).:

  • the power dream which is directed after the condition of the bag,
  • full ones see: if bring prosperity and satisfaction, business success and rich means, - Li> promises a dubious profit or success,
  • see an empty one: on the account there rules low tide, and this will still probably remain some time in such a way,
  • empties see: indicate for heavy times, - lack and privations of all kind tells,
  • charge an empty one or carry: meant a useless work or trouble,
  • charge a full one or carry: meant unsafe success of a heavy work,
  • with a heavy bag be loaded: one has to do a lot of works,
  • one which opens with the transport and empties: shortly before an aim one will suffer wreck,
  • empty a full bag: everything will go well,
  • throw away a bag completely loathing: a bad signal, because one can change his being shares only by more self-knowledge,
  • lose one: something fails from what the success was already dubious,
  • rummage about in one and get out something unexpected: there appear the things which one did not know by himself yet
  • in hineinfassen without having before hineingeschaut or something want to get out of one and a little bit in it do not find: if brings a disappointment or unexpected failure.


  • with grain: the envious people increase,
  • with fruit: you will have losses, is more careful and controls your workers,
  • empties: Sadness in the house,
  • carry for heavy ones: you will have a lot of trouble,
  • carry: Honour and big wealth run towards you,
  • makes holes: big loss,
  • with money: Profit, reward,
  • many see full: Prosperity.
(See also 'lap' under 'body')

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