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In general:

Like sword, as a blow-stronger weapon, however, more sharply in the interpretation. Like all weapons he stands for the male sexuality. However, here the penetration is not meant with the sexual act. Above all with young people he symbolises the adventure to investigate the world of the erotic feelings.


Typical sign of an aggression act, one would best want 'to all low sabers' - if one was able, as one wanted. After S. Freud: Penis symbol - like all weapons which can penetrate into a body.



  • see: your courageous character will prove itself,
  • sharply polished: your plan will succeed, - profit,
  • dull and schartig: you will have awarded trouble, - also: with these arguments you will not win,
  • breaks: give up your plan, failure is sure,
  • more broken: you will be defeated,
  • carry: you want to begin a quarrel,
  • fight with it: you have courage and will succeed,
  • strike out with it: will energetically make a way your way,
  • are wounded with it in the fight: you will get worries,
  • are injured with it: you get a dear security,
  • injure themselves with it: Bad luck in the love by own guilt.

(European ones).:

  • points out to the fact that one will reach only by perseverance to the aim, - also advises to defend itself to his skin,
  • see: if a hostility tells in,
  • carry: sends a reminder to the care, because an act of violence of another threatens,
  • with one on others hit: one will get in heavy distress,
  • are threatened with one or are hit: if the Besiegung of an opponent announces.


  • see: you will come to high honour.
(See also sword)

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