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Sowing / sowing field

In general:

Sowing is understood in terms of fruit or grain as a wage for own efforts. The sowing rising in the dream means the fresh start which we try and with which we must maneuver carefully not to destroy the tender little plants which show the contacts in this new world. Who will be inattentive about the risen sowing heedlessly hinwegschreitet, in the awake life and ruin some chance which comes up to him.


Also to understand a symbol for fertility, growth, maturity and harvest - mostly concerning emotionally spiritual processes in the dream.



  • Every sowing means hope for varied blessing, - sometimes also child wish,
  • Dreaming somebody, he has sowed and the sowing has well risen, will put the blessing on which he hoped, itself, otherwise, if the sowing does not rise are missing,
  • refines, green ones see: future rich in hope, - one is at the beginning more anew of professional enterprises, - to succeed the chances with it, are high if one cares to act suitably and aim-oriented,
  • a sowing field with weed: Signs for an uncertain future,
  • yellow: Illness in the family:
  • dries up: mi▀liche relations, - need and misery,
  • matured, with ears: Wealth.

(European ones).:

  • one fears that a reward will forget for certain works,
  • order: the quick fulfilment of a wish will keep waiting something else,
  • rising ones see: Reminder to the care and care with an enterprise or plan which will fail otherwise,
  • bend over a sowing field: one destroys by inattentiveness or playfulness himself nice hope,
  • refines, greens: a very good sign for quick profit,
  • one full weeds see: one steers in a rather uncertain future,


  • see: you will have to go on a trip,
  • greens: you will find good acquisition,
  • see germinating: New arrival to the family,
  • without ears and yellow: your plan will not succeed,
  • sowing field the wilted: uncertain times come.
(See also farmer, harvest, fruit, grain, 'sow')

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