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In general:

The hall in the dream always circumscribes the sense of community, and often indicates as a need for cheerfulness and sociability. In this big space one feels among many people hidden what could prove for the awake life that one feels only as a fellow traveller who adapts himself to the mass. If one stands alone in a hall and believes himself lost, one should search as quickly as possible contacts, otherwise one day one will know no more friend on his side. Sometimes one is admonished not to aim at a pleasure or at a success at the expenses of (to the disadvantage) more different because leads to conflicts. A meeting with debates can announce quarrel.


This symbol for a place of the communication (or the common entertainment) symbolises in a dream often that one more 'among people come' wants to point, confide, and would like to amuse. A frequent dream at the end of a phase of the seclusion and self-contemplation.



  • in general: your standard of living will increase,
  • see an empty one or enter: you will feel very much affected,
  • with flowers more decorated: Wedding celebration,
  • with flags: one will honour you,
  • with black Flor: Death celebration,
  • with gold and silver: rich profit in view,
  • nicely more furnished and by chandelier more illuminated: happy change experience,
  • with people fullly: many friends and friends find,
  • with music and dance: you will soon get rid of your worries,
  • big: pleasant relations,
  • are in a very big one: one will soon meet many people,
  • dance in it: cheerful life, - one is liked with his people,
  • see dancing themselves in it: social events with a lot of cheerfulness and cheerfulness approach,
  • own themselves one: you will acquire wealth.

(European ones).:

  • one is alone, however, would like to take pleasure in society, - care before parasites,
  • see themselves in a big one: if a meeting with many people tells in,
  • are in one for a pleasure or a society: one will well have a good time at the expenses of more different,
  • are in a light enlightened one: if pleasure and cheerful societies promises are present,
  • are present in it at a meeting or such: if quarrel and discussions with others tells in,
  • dance in one: one will soon experience rather amusing social occasions which make to a good mood.


  • see: till present you have had a lot of trouble, but now you can be glad,
  • now
  • then your life becomes lighter be to be endured,
  • with dancers: now cheerfulness is again around you.
(See also room)

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