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In general:

Cylinder can appear in different form and is interpreted afterwards in terms of care, lamp, car or machine.


If one carries this hat in the dream without wearing the suitable suit, one is on the best way to make himself ridiculous. If we see carrying other cylinders, a serious meeting approaches us or a meeting which could be right sadly.



  • see top hat: one will soon be in an irritated atmosphere if one takes over an unreasonable job to another person for the sake of, - also: Wedding or burial,
  • see in general a cylinder: come to a predicament,
  • carry themselves one: one inclines to the vanity and should watch out for arrogance, because to him, otherwise, the mockery of his people is sure, - also: One may soon count on success and recognition and will feel included in an official matter.

(European ones).:

  • see as a care or carry: one will take part in a ceremonious matter, - also: soon one will achieve a success or find recognition,
  • of a lamp see or clean: one hopes in a thing for an enlightenment which is not given one, however,
  • of a machine see: if brings a lot of work and indicates strength and energy.


  • see: you come along by your speeches to the ridicule,
  • carry top hat: you will find in distinguished circles entrance,
  • shop: you strive for external light.

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