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Linen thread / Zwirnknäuel

In general:

Linen thread often requests to more patience.


He is valid in the dream as a symbol for the 'red thread' - the legendary connection between two people which should hold everlasting '', even if she is still so tender. He has to go from every labyrinth and in the 'only right' embrace hineingleiten.



  • see: one will have to prove a lot of patience, - also: somebody from the surroundings will try to make one with flatteries pliant, - therefore, one is on the alert,
  • spin: big trouble with little profit,
  • wrap: Follies commit,
  • roll up: your wishes come true, - also: certain muddled matters will soon clear,
  • unwind: you have losses,
  • endlessly long: one will have to be careful not to be involved in contradictoriness,
  • sew: quick wedding,
  • take a short-cut: an engagement breaks up,
  • Zwirnknäuel: soft bad people from.

(European ones).:

  • or thread see or have: a relation tells meant confidential Feindschaften, - in, longer than is dear, will last, - also: sends a reminder to the care, somebody wants to ensnare to one,
  • large amounts use: meant new clothes for a happy event.
  • him to upward winds: Danger to become an egoist
  • wind up: a muddled matter will clear up bit by bit,
  • knotted: Grief in the love.


  • see: you must have patience,
  • wrap: a heart's desire will not come true.
(See also thread)

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