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In general:

The onion can appear in the dream and in the meditation as a symbol of the Ganzheitlichkeit, - these Ganzheitlichkeit exists of many layers. If the dreaming peels an onion in his dream, he shows with it possibly the attempt to track down valuable personality shares with himself or other people. The symbol can also be a tip to the aspiration to understand the different facets of own personality. Onion promises new courage, hope and good health. If one cuts or consumes them (often with tears), this announces a painful experience which one will soon get over, however.


One knows her health-supporting effect, - who eats them in the dream, can build on new forces which make every work lighter. If we cry in the dream with the onion peeling, we pour in the awake life probably wrong tears. Onions cut in the dream stands for the increase of the available energy.


At the spiritual level the onion shows the universe and the revelation.


Onion and garlic eat, however, misfortune, her possession brings luck. Only for sick people the dream of onions differently goes out. If dreams one which is ill, he eats many onions, he will come though again on the legs, but deplore the death of another. If he eats only a few, he will die. Since the dying pour only few tears, the mourning against it many because they weep long time.



  • fresh and good ones: Tears of joy,
  • place: good success of your work,
  • see: Annoyance, grief and domestic quarrel in close future,
  • shop: you want to hurt somebody,
  • peel: Tears and annoyance,
  • see peeling off: some things which were up to now confidential to one to the knowledge reach,
  • eat: you will come to bad relations, - also: Health and long life,
  • rots: Tears of pain.

(European ones).:

  • announce grief and worries, nevertheless, admonish to the unity and promising then joy, - by new courage one starts to revive,
  • see growing: Rivals are just the right spice in the professional activity,
  • peel: all secrets clear up so slowly,
  • raw onions see or cut: brings tears,
  • large amount of onions see: stand for envy and envy which is brought to one because of the success,
  • cut and, besides, have watering eyes: one will draw against his rivals the short straw,
  • raw ones eat: one will overcome all opposition,
  • cooked ones: if mean satisfaction and small business profits,
  • cooked or roasted ones eat: one will courageously overcome a small grief.


  • eat: your health is in the best order.
(See also wreath)

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