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Association: - the power of the little one, - unaware forces, - magic. Question: - At which place do I perform change work?

In general:

Every kind of defacement refers to a part of own personality which is not integrated yet or which was not developed yet. In the dream a dwarf shows the part of the dreaming who was damaged by a painful childhood trauma or not enough emotional allowance. Dwarf symbolises generally unconsciously energy and forces which influence the life indiscernibly, - one should recognise them more exactly, so that they can be consciously used. Partly he stands also for qualities and experiences which do not make small one '', so may not neglect or edge out. However, often feeling of inferiority is expressed in it which often explains itself by the fact that vanity and craving for recognition remain dissatisfied.


The fairy tale figure stands often for inferiority complex. Who feels smaller himself in the dream than he is in reality, feels towards a competitor by the disadvantage, believes not to be able to compete against this. The dwarfs are sometimes assistants in the need, so right brownies in the dream also. A dwarf can symbolise a small part Himself with which the dreaming must deal. Besides, it possibly concerns a stunted aspect of the personality which cannot appear, until the dreaming is ready to take over the responsibility for him.


A dwarf symbolises the unconscious and an undifferentiated strength of the nature.



  • see: you triumph about your enemies, - if more assurance, - also develops: one should watch out for the arrogance towards certain people, - possibly one is soon pursued by the enemies who can do harm to a base behaviour skilful by her.


  • a healthy dwarf promises an unexpected wondrous solution of different problems. An ill or handicapped dwarf shows a warning: During the next days you should entrust nobody with something. In general the sign wants to provide that sometimes astonishing turns can enter and that the self-determination should be always aware of the existence and of the power of the foreign regulation. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • counterpart of the giant, - small emotions work themselves through, often, however, also worms, insects and vermin, - tell an accident in which can be avoided, - if you have enemies, they are powerless,
  • see: one will get to know somebody to whom towards one believes himself very insignificantly,
  • a good figure having: one will never be underdeveloped spiritually or physically, - health and good constitution allow to one many profitable enterprises,
  • the friends midget growth have
  • : they will be healthy and prepare for a lot of joys,
  • a nastily and execrable dwarf: always announce grief.


  • see: you can calculate on the fact that you manage your plan,
(See also 'demons', 'witch', 'person', 'giant', 'reduction')

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