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Association: - small growth. Question: - Where in my life I is to be grown in the concept?

In general:

Branch is interpreted as a part of the life and one distinguishes the following more exact meanings according to accompanying circumstances:
  • Greens and blossoming branches announce that hopes come true and positive experiences of life approach.
  • bald, dry branches warn about failures and disappointments or stand for experiences which one tries to edge out.
  • on the ground recumbent branches register that hopes and plans have died because one did not have enough courage and strength to realise them.
  • one understands
  • burnt branches as vain efforts.


The thin branch (see there) points to desirable fulfilment if he greens and blossoms. If the branches are dry or without sheets, one hopes in vain for a favorable change of the deliberate life.


Honour for a winner or ruler and wish for immortality for him.



  • more green: Luck and blessing, - success of important plans, - fulfilment of long-preserved wishes,
  • green with blossoms: Dear message, perhaps, engagement,
  • more drily: Misfortune, - by an insult of a being close person have to suffer, - does not stick to stiff thoughts because one will achieve with it no success, - also: you have waited in vain.


  • Always a good omen: Growth and prospering approach! The dreaming should be confident and enjoy his life, however, try at the same time to create reserves for the future in the next good time. The phase is also favorable to realise spiritual and artistic interests! (Woman
+ / child +)

(European ones).:

  • as a part of the (life) of tree sign of the strength, otherwise, isolates, the weakness, - wealth and many nice hours with friends announces if he is of full fruits and green sheets,
  • greens: your hopes will come true,
  • a tree with many leafy branches see: very luck-like omen,
  • dry ones: if bring disappointment and frustration, - sad news of the absentees, - the past still pursues and one sticks to things, they are over long ago and thus dwindle hopes.


  • greens: only with the talking you will reach nothing,
  • spruce branches: you can succeed, but you must exert yourself,
  • burnt: all efforts are in vain,
  • dried up: no trouble without success,
  • of a shrub: everything looks muddled, but you will find a way out.
(See also branch, tree, sheet)

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